Dear runners,

In the unprecedented and historical days, we live in, the pandemic has changed our daily routines, while it has deprived us from our favorite habits.

Shortly before the start of the pandemic, the organizational committee of Psiloritis International Race, in an attempt to introduce some new changes, has started the design process of a new route. This route will start and finish at the same place, while passing through new locations of the mountain.
Unfortunately, despite our great efforts and the fact that the design process was almost completed, the finalization of the route was prevented due to the pandemic. For the same reason, and due to the uncertainty concerning the end of the lockdown, the Psiloritis International Race of June 2021 will be canceled.

We hope the race of next year, on June 5, 2022 will take place without any difficulties on the new beautiful route of the divine mountain. Until then, stay healthy, stay safe and do not forget, we are waiting for you all in June 2022 to enjoy Psiloritis and Cretan hospitality!.

The organizational committee