Street of Kouroutes Nordic Walking 8.500m

The race as already known will be held on Sunday, the 02/06/2019.

The application process for participation is through the website of the event at Also through the website interested athletes have the opportunity to learn about the terms and costs of participation. The race is organized by the non-profit company “Race Psiloritis.”


The route starts from the village and the birthplace of the first feminist Kallirois Siganou-Parren, Platania.

It runs through olive groves and vineyards and reaches the historic center of the municipality Amari headquarters of the Municipal Unit Kouroutes, Fourfouras.

There exists also the first station. Continuing our journey, always left the stately and storied old Psiloritis and our right to arrive at Cabo Amariotiko toponym Windmill where the second station. The view compensates us looking ahead to the Libyan Sea and the historic villages of Ampadia and leaving behind the remaining villages-eagle nests, Amari perched on the slopes of Mt center and Samit. Going down to Kouroutes our gaze towards the slopes of lofty Psiloritis brave athletes as Kouroutes formerly walked the mythical mountain, taking the road to Kouretia.

In just ahead lies the historic village of Kouroutes who welcomes us with what else? With one mandinada…

Start time 09:00

Personal registration 15,00 euro (transfer and lunch included)
To apply for participation you can visit

Run the steps of Zeus

The organizing committee

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The course evaluation for Psiloritis Race from ITRA.

  • Distance: 35 km
  • Altitude difference ascent: 1654 m
  • Altitude difference descent:2342m
  • Mountain level: 5
  • Finisher points: 370