Basic details of the race

Date of Event: Sunday, 2 of June 2019
Start Time: 07.30 am.
Route Length: 35 km
Ascent Altitude difference: 1654m
Descent altitude difference: 2342m
Difficulty level: Experienced only
Finishing time limit: 6.30 hours
Participation limit: Three hundred
Organized by: Nonprofit association “Psiloritis Race”
Commemorative awards: cf Registration form
Participation cost: cf Registration form
Participation requirements: Yes. Acceptance after registration
Power supply: Total supply in 10 stations.
Athletes’ equipment: Minimum indispensable emergency equipment
Total Provision: Commemorative, meal, supply

Athlete’s transportation

The transportation from Rethymno to the starting point and from the termination point to Rethymno will be carried out by vehicles from the organization.


  1. GROUND 16500m
  2. PATH 15500m
  3. ASPHALT 3000m

Total race distance: 35000m


A precondition for the top athletes of the age-groups of both sexes so to be awarded is the presence of at least 6 of them at the finishing point.

Analytically, the awarded athletes are described below:

18-29 years
30-39 years
40-49 years
50-59 years
60 & years above

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