Children race at 2000m

The race as already known will be held on Sunday, the 2 of June, 2019.

The application process for participation is through the website of the event at Also through the website interested athletes have the opportunity to learn about the terms and costs of participation. The race is organized by the non-profit company “Race Psiloritis.”


The game is aimed at young activists, students, elementary school and high school. The journey of 2,000. placed in the Ampadia, between the historic villages of Amariotika Fourfoura and Kouroutes.
The starting point is at “Kalotas” where there is the eponymous source. The course is slightly downhill and the view stunning.

During the journey we enjoy the beautiful nature dressed with fragrant spring dress while on the horizon unfolds the blue Libyan Sea. Always on the left side stands the imposing of the top Idi where distinguished and tops with little remnants of snowy winter’s veil. Soon we find before us Ampadiotes Kouroutes passage, the present name has roots in the ancient name Kouroutes.

Start time 09:15

Free participation, transfer and lunch
To apply for participation you can send us an email.

Run the steps of Zeus

The organizing committee