Basic details of the race

Date of Event: Sunday 30th May 2010
Start Time: 07.30 π.μ.
Route Length: 27,5 klm)
Duration: eight hours (8)
Application limits: 250
Organized by: Non-profit company “Psiloritis Race”
Trophies: Medal – Certificate of Participation – Hat – T-Shirt
Participation Cost: twenty euros (20)
Participation criteria: Yes. Upon acceptance after application
Catering: Full Catering in 7 stations
Athletes gear: Minimum necessary gear.
Total benefits: Souvenirs, meals, catering
Under the auspies of the Perfecture of Rethymno

The race route is divided as follows

  1. GROUND 9500m
  2. PATH 14800m
  3. ASPHALT 3200m

Total race distance: 27500m


Men Women
Α1: 18-29 years G1: 18-29 years
Α2: 30-39 years G2: 30-39 years
Α3: 40-49 years G3: 40-49 years
Α4: 50-59 years G4: 50-59 years
Α5: 60 & years above G5: 60 & years above

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