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Pardi - Kataphigio - Kalogrades – Timios Stavros – Kolita - Nida - Chionodromiko – Modones Mitato - Liza


Are we ready?

The race start point is situated at the Pardi location (altitude 1.120m) in a beautiful green forest scenery. On the west side of Pardi you can see the southern part of Crete. The race begins with a ground track with an incline and our route constantly shifts with plenty of bends to handle the incline.

Psiloritis Race

We have gone 4km and reach the "Shelter-Katafigio-" by the ERA Rethymnon known as "Toumpotos before," which is also the first station (Altitude 1.500m.) 4th km. After the sanctuary a steep and bushy path follows which is not difficult passing it with a relatively steep slope. From there we follow strictly the E4 trail, heading east towards the 'Nuns'. Often we find thick yellow red and visible signs, which are marked by the very rocks and additional, specially arranged for the battle scars, help us stay on course. The path becomes difficult due to rugged and broken stone ground and it might temporarily discourage us. Fortunately, the strenuous effort takes for a little while what follows is sure to reward us.

After 2 km, having already passed the 'Nuns' straightening with dense undergrowth, but at the same time, moving north and there we find the second station (Altitude 2.100m.) 6th km

In the rest of the route, you can enjoy views of the southwest of Crete. At our backs spread Timbaki, Agia Galini, Cape Lithyno and beautiful Paximadia. But our goal is the top of the mountain (Honest Cross).

Continue north and uphill, where we find our right path of Lochria to reach the southern Seli of Agathia, where we turn north after a little while we climb the south ridge timidly begin to distinguish the depth of the top (the Holy Cross) . A rocky, steep track makes our access temporarily difficult. Following the path E4 ever at this level, there is a possibility even in late May to meet with residues "snow" without this affecting the evolution of the race.

Now we turn slightly northeast and across the gully of the thorns in joining the Prokorfi we get closer and closer to the ridge.

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The need for oxygen is greater and the heart to work fast. While we feel that reaching the ridge, the goal coming. In our eyes there is the Heraklion and the view looks amazing. Moving towards the northwest to the top.

Passing the back of Prokorfis a little steep track leads to the final elevation and short enough to prevent steep slope, where lack of oxygen is stronger, the clouds have begun to spend with us a pleasant, leaving traces of moisture on the skin. Indeed, we are now at the highest point of Crete, on top of Psiloritis third station (altitude 2.456m.): 8 km

The view from there, takes our breath away as we see both of Iraklion, Rethymnon and the Mediterranean sea in the north, the valley and Bay Plain and the Libyan Sea to the south and throughout the prefecture of Rethymno and the peaks of the White Mountains to the west. In-depth course you can see the southern most tip of Europe, Gavdos. The majestic peak of Agatha rices in the south.

There is the small stone chapel "Holy Cross" t on an altitute of 1900m. Whoever they wish, they can pray. And here begins the descent!. Descend to the east and the north ridge of the northern pass Seli of thorns and a continuous downhill path leads us to "Kolya valley with numerous Mitata which is the fourth stop us (1850 m.): 13km. The course changes in the northeast direction is uphill for 500m. Go down south again to 1.500. in the valley, turn northeast and right we see the beautiful 'Nida Plateau', pass 500. near the cave of Zeus (Ideon Andron). There, according to mythology, Zeus was raised on the rhythms of Kourites and warmth of Plenty bride, hidden from his father Kronos, who swallowed his children.

To get to the fifth station (1.380m.) 17km. We continue to 1.500m. with a slight uphill tarmac to get on a path slightly uphill 1.500m. in the valley that leads to the abandoned ski resort. Jjust beyond of this it is the sixth station (1540m.) 20km. With steep dirt road at 3.500. find the station 'fashions Mitato (1.250m. altitude): 23.5 km Approaching ever closer to our objective we are still 2 km steep gravel road and another 2 km downhill roads to get to "Lisa" (altitude 1120m.) where is the end . You've traveled 27.5 km!



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