The Cretan born and raised Zeus calls you to run on his steps! 
 8th Psiloritis Race
This authentic athleticism fiesta is renowned not only by the athletes and the community, but by the local administrative authorities, as well. The head of the Regional Unit of Rethymno, Maria Lioni, declares that this action is under the auspice of the Region of Crete, as it promotes the area of Crete all over the world. 
The Psiloritis Race, is for all ages and physical condition, it combines mild and hard activities from sea to mountain:
·  the trail race of 35 km, 
·  the street of Kouroutes 8 km, 
·  the nordic walking 8,5 km,
·  and the kids race 2 km.
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The participants will have the opportunity through the 8th  Psiloritis Race to admire the picturesque Rethymno town, the traditional Amari province, the mountainous Anogeia municipality and the minoan Phaestos.
Hisroty, culture, nature and athleticism can be found on Crete in their most authentic form!
The athleticism responsible of the municipality of Rethymno, Dimitris Lacnidakis welcomes this effort to promote the mountainous Crete in an international way owing to the organisations' multi-national participants. 
The Mayor of Anogeia, Manolis Kallergis, reminds us that the nature of his municipality is part of the Geopark of Psiloritis, accredited by UNESCO. He is in favour of all initiatives that promote alternative tourism creativities. 
On behalf of the municipality of Amari, Manolis Psaroudakis, member of the local council is dedicated to new generation of the area and is really thrilled of the fact that everybody will have the chance to admire the valley of Amari from high above combined to the serenity of the Libyan Sea.
Volunteering and sponsorship are always welcome: 
Everything is well taken care of to the slightest detail:
The full schedule for 27th and 28th of May, 2017.
Saturday 27-05-2017
17:30 – 19:00  Guided tour for the athletes
19:00 – 20:00  Registration for the participants
20:00 – 20:30  Information for the race, athletes’ awarding
20:30 – 21:30  pasta party
21:30 – 22:00  traditional cretan dances
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Sunday 28-05-2017
05:00                Bus departure from the City Hall of Rethymno
07:30                Athletes 35 km category race from Nida’s plateau(Anogia)
09:00                Start of  the  8,5 km category race from Platania
09:15                Start of the children 2km category race from Kalotas (Fourfouras)
09:30                Finish for the  2 km category athletes
09:45                Finish for the 8,5 km category athletes
10:30                Arrival of the first 35 km category athlete
13:00                Athletes’ awarding (Kouroutes)
13:30                Closing ceremony
14:00                Athletes’ meal
15:30                Finish for the 35 km category athletes
16:00                Bus departure from Kouroutes to Rethymno

Run on the steps of Zeus!