"On May 30th, 2010 the prefecture of Rethymno will have the pleasure and honour to host a pioneer sport event that will be held in the birthplace of Zeus, the Father of the Greek Gods, on the Mountain of Psiloritis.

Athletes from Greece and abroad will be given the chance to literally scour one of the most distinct mountainous areas of Crete and experience a unique and special trek in the wild regions of this prominent mountain.

It is really a unique experience which those who possess the physical strength and stamina should definitely take advantage of. It will me a memorable day since they will combine high level training with nature, history and the beautiful mountainous scenery.

This event will be held under the auspices of the prefecture of Rethymno and we hope that it will continue to be organized in years to come.

Good luck to all the participants and congratulations to the organizers on their initiative. . "

With regards,
George Papadakis
Prefect of Rethymno

" We welcome this wonderful initiative which is an alternative that comprises sports and the chance to get to know the indisputable beauty of the Cretan Landscape. Athletes from Greece and all over the world will put their strength and stamina to the test in this hospitable land of people and Gods, the mountain Psiloritis. The will show us the sheer power and magnitude of human powers by participating in a race of great difficulty but exciting and adventurous at the same time

For the youths of Rethymno this is a unique chance to get to know whatthis kind of sports really is and which I hope will be repeated in the future since it is an innovative and attractive idea that hopefully will appeal to many young people.

For our prefecture it is an alternative to traditional types of sports and is at the same time a form of alternative tourism which if well supported it can function as an original and true ambassador of the natural beauty of Rethymno and its unlimited potential.

I wish every success to the organizers and congratulations to the people who created this event with unique inspiration. I would also like to congratulate all the participant athletes."

With regards,
The Mayor of Rethymno,
George H. Marinakis

" It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that the Local Association of Municipalities of Rethymno supports the international endurance mountain race of Psiloritis which is organized by the non-profit company "Psiloritis Race" under the auspices of the prefecture of Rethymno.

It is our honour to organize such an event for the very first time in Rethymno, thus, giving the chance to athletes of all ages to enjoy mountain running through unique routes of this legendary and prominent mountain: Psiloritis

We are proud and feel ecstatic when such events are developed to combine sports with tourism and culture, thus promoting our land.

Moreover, the fact that we promote contact with nature is in complete accordance with the image of Crete we want to portray to the rest of Greece and abroad as well, so we as Cretans ought to fully support such an event.

Χαιρετίζουμε την μοναδική αυτή αθλητική συνάντηση, το μοναδικό αυτό ορεινό άθλημα αντοχής και περιπέτειας μαζί, αλλά κυρίως αυτό το σημαντικά τουριστικό, κοινωνικό, πολιτιστικό και αναπυξιακό γεγονός, που θα διεξαχθεί στις 30 Μαϊου 2010 στο Ρέθυμνο.

We welcome this unique race that will tace place on May 30, 2010 and the athletes that will be participating. We wish them good luck and a good stay on our hospitable island.

We wish the organizing committee of the non-profit organization ‘Psiloritis race’ good luck with the organization of such a spectacular event."

With regards,
Μανωλακάκης Μανώλης Manolokakis Manolis
Local Association of Municipalities of Rethymno

"We hail the organization of the International Mountain race of Psiloriti that will take commence from Amari on 30 May 2010

I congratulate the organizers and I give them my full support. I also hope that their endeavor will be successful and may it be the beginning of an institution.

Psiloritis is the mountain where Zeus and humans were brought up and it will always will be a welcoming and hospitable place for endurance athletes; a place where they will experience unforgettable moments and will see landscapes of uniguw beauty. "

With regards,
The mayor of Sivritos
Michael Petrakakis

"I would truly like to congratulate you on your initiative to materialize your idea and give life to this form of sports which I am certain will yield the expected results very fast.

As the supervisor of the Sports Tourism Research team I have documented and sustained with numerous reports and propositions to the Media and international conferences that sports tourism is a form of quality tourism that can be developed all year round"

With regards,
Dr. Dimitris Terzakis
Professor at the Technical Institution of Crete
Supervisor of the Sports Tourism Research Team

" I feel obliged to praise this remarkable initiative and I frankly state that the Community of Gerakari will support your attempts.

The natural beauty of Amari in combination with the skills of the organizers guarantee the success of this event."

With regards,
Emmanouil Akoumianakis
President of the Cultural Society of the Community of Gerakari

"The Greek association of Mountaineer supports and encourages the organization of the Psiloritis Race since it promotes an alternative aspect of sports as well as the Cretan scenery.

It is physical exercise and contact with nature, two of the most important aspects of modern life that this events promotes. Two aspects that are a necessity not a luxury. In this occasion this are materialized through an unconventional form of sports: cross country racing in a familiar but rugged landscape at the same time.
It goes without saying that this kind of sports activities and initiatives sensitise not only athletes but also ordinary people, given the fact that a great part of the scenery we want to protect has not been left unspoiled.

The Greek association of mountaineers in cooperation with the organizers will provide aside from the shelter , our experience through voluntary work. We will assist you throughout the event "

With regards,
The committee of the Greek association of Mountaineers in Rethymno

"The Greek Red Cross who has always supported sports as well as cultural events welcome the organization of the Psiloritis Race and congratulates the remarkable initiative that combines sports with culture along a route full of legends, history and natural beauty; the aroma of thyme and maybe during the race one might hear the Kourites, our forefathers, the ancient Cretans.

The Samaritans, the search and rescue party and the lifeguards that comprise the Rethymnian Red Cross force will be present and on hand to assist the athletes and will offer their invaluable expertise and professional equipment where necessary

Good luck "

With Regards,
Konstantinos Kalfountzos
Red Cross Chief

"The Association of the people of Amari fully supports the organization of the Psiloritis race and will aid the organizers as we will try to satisfy their every need.

It might be the first time that a sports event of this magnitude has ever taken place in the vicinity of Amari and specifically at Psiloritis mountain. Through this initiative one will be presented with the opportunity to combine physical exercise and contact with nature; something that is vital for people and in most cases unfortunately absent from our lives if we consider the busy lifestyles we lead, especially in cities.

We strongly believe that initiatives like this do sensitize the general public and motivate people to engage in activities that differ from events such as local traditions and customs. We would like to congratulate you and we will assist you in any way possible."

With regards,
The board of the association of Amari

" It is with great pleasure that we participate in this race as co-organisers. The race of Psiloritis, which after Olympos is the second most honoured mountain in Greece due to the fact that Zeus, the Father of all Gods was raised there.

Finally, having waited for so many years, a dream comes true and Crete has its own mountain race which will be met with complete success if supported equally by all.

Our association of Marathon runners of Crete could not possibly be absent from the organization of such an event. "

With regards,
Kampaxis Spiridon
Association of Marathon runners of Crete

" Krisses, the women’s football team of Rethymno welcome and support the Psiloritis race.

An innovative and ambitious attempt to promote mountain running and at the same time promote the breathtaking landscape of the Psiloritis mountain as well as that of the immediate area surrounding it. We would like to congratulate the organizers and all the participant athletes and wish them good luck because we feel that participation alone is of great importance and not winning the race.

Krisses will offer their voluntary support where and when necessary. Lets help promote the Greek Spirit and let it travel all around the world together with the ideals of pure sports, voluntary work and mutual respect for our fellow citizens of this world. "

With Regards
The Committee