Application form for Participation

Complete the following application form for participation in order to take part in Psiloritis Mountain Race. Alternatively you can download it from the link bellow.

Application form for participation application form

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Package Variants

Participation rules


Eligibility to Psiloritis Race have men and women, who on the race day will have completed the age of 18. In order to participate in the race you need to have taken part in any race or in a rough asphalt road race. A full description of criteria for participation is given on Webside of the tournament.

Each athlete is required to read the rules of the race. Each athlete entering the race, is entitled: Number , T-shirt, hat, diploma and participation in the pasta party (lunch ofcarbohydrates). Those athletes finishing the race on time deserve a medal. The deadline of applications for the participation in the race ends once the number of entries reaches the number 300, of which only 200 will be available to athletes and residents of Greece, regardless the nationality. The numbers and commemoratives of athletes will be given by the Secretariat of the race at the Central Square Mikrasiaton Rethymnon & 19:30 hours on 2 June 2018.

Athletes must show an identity card or passport to pick their numbers.
No number will be given after Saturday midnight.
Nobody else is entitled to receive the number of an athletes as an agent only himself.

The start of the race will be at 7:30 a.m.on Sunday morning in June 3, 2018, from the location of Psiloritis Nida plateau . The premium entry fee is not refundable in case of a late cancellation, but the athlete is entitled to receive the commemoratives.



The athletes run with their own responsibility, knowing the difficulties and dangers of the race. They are also responsible for conducting medical examinations to verify their stamina and ability to participate in the race with the difficulty of PR and are not required to provide a medical certificate.

The organizers are exempt from any responsibility of any injury or death which may occur in athletes and generally exempt from liability for bodily harm of athletes during the race or as a consequence. The application form is accompanied by a declaration of exemption from the organizers of any responsibility for the above.

In case of cancellation of the race, the organisers are obliged to give the money of the participation back to the athletes.


Psiloritis race

Personal Registration - Basic pack of 45 euro
The basic pack includes:
  • T-shirt του αγώνα a T-shirt of the race
  • the number of the athlete
  • provision of commemorative medal
  • the runner transportation from Rethymno to the start poiont
  • the supply of water, isotonic, refreshments and medical services during and after the race
  • launch after the end of the race
  • send of certification of participation
  • Ticket discount from Piraeus to Crete
Group Registration
5 euro discount despite of the race of the pack of services

Group registrations concern a registration of at least 10 people, with no restriction in choosing a race or/and a pack of participation. They are addressed to athletic clubs, runner associations, gyms, corporations, schools, public and private agencies, travel agencies, groups and single people who wish to participate in the Psiloritis Race as a team. The discount that's provided at the group registration is 5euros per person. In case of that a person is set as a team Leader (runner or not) In any case, the group leader is the one that represents the group to the organizers for any matter.

Family Registration

Family registration concerns families that up to three (3) members wish to participate in one of the Races of the Marathon. It's only available at the Full Pack of participation. The discount that's provided is 10 euros for each extra person (member of the family)-runner.

Race of 8,5 km
Personal registration 15 euro

The pack of participation includes:

  • the number of the athlete
  • a T-shirt of the race
  • the runner transportation from Rethymno to the start point
  • the supply of water, isotonic, refreshments and medical services during and after the race
  • launch after the end of the race
  • certification of participation


Account Number: 258/48004005
ΙΒΑΝ: GR17 0110 2580 0000 2584 8004 005

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